Antique Thc French

18thc (1/3)

  • Antique Xl French 18thc Wood Carved Inlay Crucifix Bronze Christ Religious Altar
  • Antique 18thc Nast Porcelain Red Cornflower Saucer Porzellan French France
  • Antique 1800s After Jean Marc Nattier 18thc French Artist Miniature Painting
  • 18thc Antique 4½ct French Carnelian Ancient Babylon + Greece Earthquake Talisman
  • Antique 18thc Locre French Porcelain Ice Pail / Flower Pot Porzellan Blumentopf
  • 18thc Antique Carved Oak Panel Of Paris Rescued By Aphrodite From Menelaus @troy
  • Antique 18thc Sevres Biscuit Porcelain Lady Figurine Figure Porcelaine Figur
  • Antique 18thc Chantilly Softpaste Porcelain Sevres Design Plate Porzellan Teller
  • Antique 18thc French Billet Doux, Vermeil Rings On Vernis Martin Love Notes Etui
  • Antique 18thc French Porcelain Brindilles Pot De Creme Lid Porzellan Deckel #3
  • Antique 18thc Locre La Courtille Jam / Oil Vinegar Tray Porcelain French France
  • Antique 18thc Nast Porcelain Blue Cornflower Saucer Porzellan French France #2
  • Antique 18thc Chantilly Porcelain Floral Soft Paste Plate Porzellan Teller
  • 18thc French Robert Benard 3 Cannon Art Militaire Campagne Engraving Print
  • Antique 18thc French Mennecy Porcelain Polychrome Floral Plate Porzellan Teller
  • 18thc French Old Master Fête Champêtre Oil On Oak Panel Circle Of Fragonard